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    Here is Day 3 of IFT's Food Technology Magazine Editor predictions for food trends in 2017! Do you have any of your own predictions for this coming year? Lots of changes to consider... Tell us what they are in the comment section below. http://bit.ly/2j5711H

#iftfoodtech #foodscience#foodscienceandtechnology #foodtrend#2017foodtrends #foodindustry#foodprofessionals IFT staff are ready and eager for IFT's Division Leader Virtual Summit today, starting at 12pm CT! Looking forward to hearing the keynote speaker on leadership by Mark Eaton, a former NBA player for Utah Jazz. 😱👏#IFTDivisions Day 2 of IFT's Food Technology Magazine Editor predictions for food trends in 2017. Share your thoughts! http://bit.ly/2j5711H

#iftfoodtech #foodscience #foodscienceandtechnology #foodtrend #2017foodtrends #foodindustry #foodprofessionals Food Technology Magazine Editors shared their predictions for industry trends in 2017. We’ll be sharing more tomorrow, so make sure to check back for more insights! In the meantime, you can check out the full list here: http://bit.ly/2j5711H 
#foodscienceandtechnology #foodscience #foodtrend #2017foodtrends #foodindustry #foodprofessional

Tools for Education, Career Advancement

CFS LogoA career in food science is an exciting and rapidly changing field with new discoveries occurring each day. In such a fast-paced industry, it’s important to keep up to date with the advancements in research, new product innovations, and the always-evolving regulations.

As a research scientist in a global company, I am asked to understand ingredient functionality in order to deliver nutritional products to our customers. My career has allowed me to work cross functionally with development teams to create products designed to help people live better lives through nutrition. To do this successfully, I have to keep informed on new food ingredients and trends so that our company can stay competitive in the marketplace.

IFT has been my top resource to obtain the most up-to-date information on advancements in research, product innovation, and continuing education. Over the last six years, I have attended webinars, short courses, and conferences, which have provided helpful insights to what’s new and relevant in our industry.

As I looked to further advance my career, I was happy to learn that IFT was launching a Certified Food Scientist (CFS) credential and I wanted to be a part of the inaugural class. The prep course offered by IFT helped to streamline my studying efforts and gave me the additional confidence for taking the exam. It was an amazing feeling to pass and be formally recognized for my commitment to the food industry.

I recently shared my CFS test experience on my website, and I was amazed to see the interest and questions that I received from fellow food scientists and those who were curious about the profession.

The company I work for has an extensive talent base made up of various scientific disciplines. Obtaining my food science credential has allowed me to be distinguished for my expertise. Since obtaining my credential, I have received increased inquires in regards to career opportunities, contract work, and requests for expert guidance in food and nutrition. With my solid education, work experience, and now a food scientist credential, I feel that my professional credibility and value has increased.

I am humbled to be part of such a prestigious group of elite CFS members who work hard to continually make advancements in food science and technology.

Jessica GavinJessica Yee Gavin, CFS, CCS
Research Scientist- Nutrition Design & Formulation
Nutrilite Health Institute (Amway)

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