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    Thank you to all who made it such a great experience for IFT at the Food Tech Summit & Expo this week!
#foodtechsummit2016 #foodscience #foodtechnology #foodindustry IFT member, Hector Vilches, CFS, presenting for IFT about trends in Mexico and Latin America at the Food Tech Summit & Expo to a packed room at booth #1134. The Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) is participating in the Food Technology Summit & Expo in Mexico City this week. Our first session, which was Marco Antonio Leon Felix discussing FSMA, was a packed house! We are at booth #1134, so make sure you stop by and come see us. 
#Foodexpo #foodscience #foodtechnology What a great day at the Lewis & Clark IFT 2016 Supplier's Night & Golf Scramble at the
Terra Blanca Winery & Estate Vineyard in Benton City, WA. Thank you to all who came and made it a successful outing!

Walmart’s interest in drone delivery will change the food conversation

Drone DeliveryCustomers want to shop whenever, wherever, and however. This demand applies to all facets of commerce, including grocery. New digital capabilities are creating fresh potential for the grocery industry, with the latest buzz surrounding drone delivery.

Most recently Walmart joined the conversation. While the world’s largest retailer wasn’t the first to adopt drone delivery, and it’s still considerably behind the likes of Amazon when it comes to investment in new technology, Walmart has the potential to be an innovative and ambitious player in the online space. Continue reading

Potential Buyers for Hostess Brands: Retailers vs. Food Companies

Twinkies On November 20, Hostess announced that mediation with its bakers union had failed and that the 82-year-old company would proceed with liquidation plans. The good news is that the company’s iconic brands, such as Twinkies and HoHos, may not be gone for good. There may be multiple buyers of the individual product brands under the Hostess umbrella or there may be a single buyer who acquires them all. But rest assured, they will be sold because they have real market value. Estimates are that the combined sale of Hostess could be worth over $2 billion.

Keep Reading

A Food Company Divided = Double the Success?

When a company divides its operations into separate independent entities, it can restructure by distributing its ownership interests in a ‘subsidiary’ operation as a tax-free dividend to its existing shareholders, enabling them to own or sell shares or it could directly sell all or part of the separate entities. Such a spin-off may achieve a variety of objectives: Keep Reading